New Plants July 2014

A few new plants now available at Peacock Horticultural Nursery:

  • Agathis robusta – Queensland Kauri -  A large coniferous tree in the Araucariaceae family, native to Australia.
  • Cordia boissieri – Texas Wild Olive
  • Rhodocoma gigantea - Restio
  • Yucca ‘Bright Star’ -  Just rec’d some beautiful 2 gallon plants.

More new Plants at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

A few more new plants for June 2014 at Peacock Horticultural Nursery.

  • Agave parrasana ‘Globe’
  • Arctostaphylos uva-ursi ‘Point Reyes’
  • Artemisia schmidtiana ‘Ever Goldy’
  • Brunnera macrophylla ‘Sea Heart’
  • Cornus stolonifera ‘Sunshine’
  • Echeveria ‘Goochie’
  • Eupatorium fortunei ‘Pink Frost’
  • Euphorbia characias ‘Bruce’s Dwarf’
  • Fatshedera lizei ‘Variegata’
  • Grevillea ‘Ruby Clusters’
  • Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Ice Crystal’
  • Monardella macrantha
  • Trachelospermum asiaticum ‘Summer Sunset’

Artemisia s. 'Ever Goldy'

Brunnera m. 'Sea Heart'

Cornus s. 'Sunshine'

Echeveria 'Goochie'

Eupatorium f. 'Pink Frost'

Monardella macrantha

Trachelospermum a. 'Summer Sunset'

New Arrivals at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

A few new plants available at the nusery now:

  • Actea ‘Black Negligee’ – (syn Cimicifuga s.) – Black Bugbane
  • Athyrium ‘Dre’s Dagger’ – Dwarf Lady Fern
  • Athyrium ‘Lady in Lace’ - Dwarf Lady Fern
  • Brunnera ‘Alexander’s Great’ – Brunnera like ‘Jack Frost’ only grows much larger.
  • Polygonatum o. ‘Double Stuff’ - Variegated Solomon’s Seal with double the white edge.

And, new arrivals next week:

  • Agave a. medio-picta ‘Dwarf Alba’ - Dwarf White-Striped Century Plant
  • Aloe ‘Coral Fire’ – Kelly Griffin Hybrid Aloe
  • Cryptbergia ‘Red Burst’ – Bromeliad X (Cryptanthus bahianus x Billbergia nutans)
  • Echeveria colorata ‘Mexican Ghost’ – powdery-white waxy coating on large leaves
  • Garrya elliptica ‘Evie’ – Evie’s Silk Tassel Bush
  • Grevillea ‘Peaches and Cream’ – Orange and yellow flowers
  • Hesperoyucca whipplei ssp ememica – Baja Yucca – producing new rosettes after flowering.
  • Melaleuca incana ‘Prostrate Form’ – Prostrate Gray Honey-Myrtle
  • Ozothamnus leptophyllus ‘Silver Cape’ – Silver Shore Cottonwood – New plant 2013
Polygonatum o. Double Stuff'

Polygonatum o. Double Stuff’

Athyrium 'Dre's Dagger'


Brunnera 'Alexander's Great'

Agave a. medio-picta 'Dwarf Alba'


Hesperoyucca whipplei ssp. ememica

Epimediums are in Bloom at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

I am a self-confessed plant addict with close to 50 varieties of Epimediums. Commonly known as Fairy wings, Barrenworts or Bishops Caps, Epimediums have an amazing variety of dainty flowers often with interesting foliage too. These plants are also deer resistant and known to grow in dry shade once established. Here are a few examples of plants currently in bloom at Peacock Horticultural Nursery:
Epimedium davidii
Epimedium grandiflorum ‘Circe’
Epimedium grandiflorum ‘Crimson Beauty’
Epimedium grandiflorum ‘Spring Wedding’
Epimedium pinnatum ssp. colchicum
Epimedium sempervirens ‘Cherry Hearts’
- Great foliage!
Epimedium x ‘Domino’
Epimedium x ‘Lemon Zest’
Epimedium x ‘Pink Champagne’
Epimedium x rubrum ‘Sweetheart’

Epimedium davidii

Epimedium davidii

Epimedium g. 'Circe'

Epimedium g. ‘Circe’

Epimedium g. 'Crimson Beauty'

Epimedium g. ‘Crimson Beauty’

Epimedium g. 'Spring Wedding'

Epimedium g. ‘Spring Wedding’

Epimedium p. ssp colchicum

Epimedium p. ssp colchicum

Epimedium s. 'Cherry Hearts'

Epimedium s. ‘Cherry Hearts’

Epimedium x 'Domino'

Epimedium x ‘Domino’

Epimedium x 'Lemon Zest'

Epimedium x ‘Lemon Zest’

Epimedium x 'Pink Champagne'

Epimedium x ‘Pink Champagne’

Epimedium x rubrum 'Sweetheart'

Epimedium x rubrum ‘Sweetheart’

New Plants Spring 2014

Here are a few new plants available at Peacock Horticultural Nursery:

Agave ‘Blue Emporer’
Farfugium japonicum ‘Shishi Botan’ – Great foliage plant!
Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Ebony Black’ - New foliage is green turning black.
Grevillea ‘Little Honey’ - Large orange flowers!

Grevillea 'Little Honey'

Grevillea ‘Little Honey’

Pittosporum 'Ebony Giant'

Pittosporum ‘Ebony Giant’

Farfugium j. 'Shishi Boton'

Farfugium j. ‘Shishi Boton’

A tribute to Hortus

Marty and I are sad to report that our little guy Hortus III left the Nursery this morning for his next life.
He was our mascot and ‘face’ of the Nursery since its opening, having been featured in the first local news article written about the Nursery in 2006 (the writer loved the cat more than the plants, alas). Customers would always make an effort to see him and ask about him, even in more recent days when he couldn’t find the energy to greet them.


He was a tough little guy, and had many hard turns healthwise, but always cheered us with his antics (romping along the tops of containers with new little plants was his way of getting attention – annoyed the hell out of us sometimes, but it was his way of letting us know he was there.


His very favorite spot was the searing heat of the roof of the truck, surveying his realm like the cats of the Serengeti.

The porch in the late afternoon sun was also a favorite spot to bake, and he always made us step over him to get in the house.

And ever the marketer, he would ‘stand and pose’ with his brother Negrito in spots where the customers would lavish them with attention.
Hortus and Bro

We will surely miss him, and know all of our friends and customers will miss his flights through the Nursery at high speed, and lounging among the plants.

Give your pets some extra sugar today in memory of Hortus-

Robert and Marty

A couple of new Vines and a couple of new Hellebores at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

Here are a couple of new vines and Hellebores at Peacock Horticultural Nursery:

Bomarea caldasii

Canarina canariensis – Canary Bellflower

Helleborus x ‘Apricot Gem’ – Double Apricot Flowers

Helleborus x ‘Onyx Odyssey’ - Double Purple-black Flowers
Helleborus x 'Onyn Odyssey'





A Few New Plants

Here are a few new plants that are available at Peacock Horticultural Nursery:

  • Agave lophantha ‘Quadricolor’
  • Aloe ‘Lavender Star’ -
  • Echeveria ‘Latte Rose’
  • Echeveria ‘Fire and Ice’
  • Muhlenbergia capillaris ‘White Cloud’
  • Leucadendron ‘Ebony’ -
  • Leucadendron ‘Jester’
  • Leucospermum ‘Scarlet Ribbon’

Maples at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

Here are photos of a few maples at Peacock  Horticultural Nursery this spring 2013:

  • Acer campetre ‘Carnival’
  • Acer japonicum ‘Ed Wood #2′
  • Acer palmatum ‘Baby Ghost’
  • Acer palmatum ‘ Purple Ghost’
  • Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Ruby Lace’
  • Acer shirasawanum ‘Jordon’ – Full Moon Maple
  • Acer campestre ‘Carnival’