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New plants just arrived at the nursery

Here are some of the new plants that arrived in October at Peacock Horticultural Nursery.

  • Abutilon ‘Savitzii’ (Flowering Maple) –  Featured primarily for its beautiful variegated leaves and compact growth habit (4 – 6′).  ‘Savitzii’ has maple-like leaves that are grey-silver and green with a large creamy-white margin.  Although shy to flower, the flowers are large pale salmon-orange, and bell-shaped
  • Banksia spinulosa ‘Schnapper Point’ (Koala Blooms Banksia) – Beautiful Australian shrub grown for the 4 – 5″ honey-yellow and red flower spikes.  While many Banksia are very large shrubs, ‘Schnapper Point’ is a great choice as it only grows to 2 – 4′ high by 4 – 5′ wide.  Deer tolerant, drought tolerant, and hardy to about 20 F.
  • Cordyline australis ‘Torbay Dazzler’(Torbay Dazzler Grass Palm) – This striking Cordyline makes an amazing accent or focal point in the garden with the dramatic variegated strap-shaped green leaves with a bold cream margin.  Cordyline ‘Torbay Dazzler’ is a palm-like sub-tropical shrub that will grow to 15 – 20′.  Best planted in full sun near the coast to part shade inland.  Hardy to about 15 F.
  • Grevillea ‘Canberra Gem’ (Canberra Gem Grevillea) –  This is an elegant, medium sized (6′ x 10′) drought tolerant Australian shrub.  ‘Canberra Gem’ is a cross between Grevillea juniperina and Grevillea rosmarinifolia with dark green rosemary-like foliage and red flowers, bringing winter color to your garden.  Avoid planting in wet soils.  Hardy to about USDA Zone 8b (15 F).
  • Grevillea lanigera ‘Mt. Tamboritha’ (Prostrate Wooly Grevillea) – A prostrate, dwarf  Australian shrub only reaching 1 to 2 feet in height and 4 to 5′ spread – making an excellent groundcover.  A profusion of pinkish-red and cream flowers from fall to spring.  Drought tolerant and hardy to about 20 F.
  • Grevillea ‘Pink Pearl’ –A Grevillea very similar to G. ‘Canberra Gem’,  but rose pink flowers are bit more showy and the needle-like leaves are a bit softer.  Grows to about 6′ and is drought tolerant and hardy to the low 20’s F.
  • Leucadendron ‘Safari Sunset’ (Safari Conebush) – This a hybrid of two South African Proteas – Leucandendron laureolum x L. salignum.  This  is one of my favorite Leucandendrons as it is both a very beautiful and a very tough plant.  Grows up to 8′ with amazing red bracts “flowers” starting in summer and lasting until spring.  Hardy to low 20’s F. 
  • Leucadendron saligum ‘Chief’ –Another standout Leucandendron reaching a height of about 6′ with red bracts fall through spring.  Hardy to low 20’s F.
  • Matteuccia orientalis (Asian Ostrich Fern) –  A beautiful, large  showy Asian fern growing to 24 – 30″ high and a 4 to 5′ across.  Very hardy to USDA zone 7 or lower.   Matteuccia orientalis will be deciduous for a couple of months in the winter and emerge in March.  A running fern in its native habitat, for us it seems to cluster rather than run. 
  • Ribes sanguineum v. glutinosum ‘Claremont’ (Pink Flowering Currant) –  This native CA shrub grows to about 8′ in height and is covered with pink flowers in late winter to early spring.  Hummingbirds love the flowers and songbirds love the fruits in the summer.  Grows in part shade and is hardy to USDA zone 6. 

Cordyline ‘Cardinal’ – Clump Forming Cordyline


Cordyline 'Cardinal'
Cordyline 'Cardinal'











‘Cardinal’ is a great new clump-forming Cordyline notable for it’s glossy red leaves, and its upright growth and arching broad leaves.  ‘Cardinal’ is a hybrid cross between the trunk-forming Cordyline australis and probably C. banksii.  This is a very new cultivar in the trade and data is still being collected.  Forms a clump to about 3′, and blooms in summer with many small fragrant, creamy flowers. 

Cordyline 'Cardinal'
Cordyline 'Cardinal'








To enhance its radiant red color, ‘Cardinal’ prefers to grow in morning sun or part shade in hotter areas to full sun in cooler areas.  This Cordyline is hardy to about 15 – 20 F. 

Cardinal is an outstanding accent plant  or feature planted in the garden, or is spectacular in mixed plantings (perhaps with some chartreuse foliage) in your favorite pots.   If you are looking for an alternative to Phormium(Flax), this plant can be used in much the same fashion (without the common problems I find with Flax – reverting, growing larger than reported, burning foliage, mealy bugs).

Cordyline 'Cardinal'
Cordyline 'Cardinal'











Other clump-forming Corydlines available at Peacock Horticultural Nursery are Cordyline ‘Renegade’ with dark-purple, almost black, foliage, Cordyline ‘Electric Pink’ with dark maroon leaves that are edged with bright neon pink, and Cordyline australis ‘Pink Champagne’ a very slow growing truck-forming cultivar with narrow pale-green leaves that are variegated along their margins with cream and blushed pink near the base.

In addition, I offer many of the trunk forming cultivars of Cordyline which will grow to a height of 15′ or more.  These include Cordyline australis ‘Dark Star’, C. a. ‘Paradise’, C. a. ‘Pink Stripe’, C. a. ‘Red Sensation’, C. a. ‘Red Star’, C. a. ‘Southern Splendour’, C. a. ‘Sundance’, C. a. ‘Sunrise’, and C. a. ‘Torbay Dazzler’.

Cordyline 'Cardinal'
Cordyline 'Cardinal'