New Tillandsias (Air Plants) arrived today at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

Tillandsia ionantha Fuego

New Tillandsias (air plants) with some blooms and others showing foliage color arrived today at Peacock Horticultural Nursery:

  • Tillandsia andreana

Tillandsia andreana

  • Tillandsia dura

Tillandsia dura in a Susan Aach Pot

  • Tillandsia festucoides
  • Tillandsia ionantha Fuego Specimen

Tillandsia ionantha Fuego

  • Tillandsia ionantha x brachycaulos
  • Tillandsia ionantha Tall Velvet Specimen

Tillandsia ionantha Tall Velvet

  • Tillandsia ionantha Van Hyningii

Tillandsia Ionantha Van Hyningii

  • Tillandsia polita

Tillandsia polita

  • Tillandsia pruinosa x scaposa
  • Tillandsia recurvifolia Specimen

Tillandsia recurvifolia

  • Tillandsia Stricta Green Clumps
  • Tillandsia stricta hybrid Specimen

Tillandsia stricta hybrid

  • Tillandsia stricta Violet (multi-blooms)
  • Tillandsia stricta x gardneri Specimen

Tillandsia stricta x gardneri

  • Tillandsia tomasellii 8 – 13″
  • Tillandsia usneoides Giant Form (Spanish Moss)
  • Tillandsia xerographica 11 – 14″