A walk around the nursery on a Sunday in April.

A few photos from the nursery today:

Acer x conspicuum ‘Esk Flamingo’

Davidia involucrata ‘Iseli Fastigiate’

Aloe ‘David’s Delight’

Leucospermum ‘High Gold’

Tillandsia aeranthos bergeri clump

Aechmea covata

Quercus robur Furst Schwartzenburg

Clematis Multi Blue

Acer pseudoplantanus ‘Esk Sunset’

Aechmea recurvata Aztec Gold

Aechmea recurvata Aztec Gold

Tillandsia tectorum

Cornus f. Cherokee Chief

Corydalis ‘Berry Exciting’

Iris PCH Lavender

Iris PCH Lavender

Begonia Paul Hernandez

Begonia Paul Hernandez

Teucrium c. ‘Summer Sunshine’

Iris PCH Wilder Than Ever

New Tillandsia/Air Plants in stock at Peacock Horticultural Nursery. Many in bloom now!

Tillandsia stricta The Broom

List of new Tillandsia /Air plants:

  • Tillandsia aeranthos Minuette (Small Cluster) – Small bromeliads that form clusters with hundreds of individual plants
  • Tillandsia aeranthos/bergeri hybrid – Flowers with pink bracts and purple petals
  • Tillandsia aeranthos hybrid Giant (Specimen Clump)
  • Tillandsia aeranthos The Red (Specimen Clump)
  • Tillandsia stricta The Broom  – Has wispy, curved leaves which are lighter green and stiffer than typical T. stricta.
  • Tillandsia stricta The Broom (Large Cluster)
  • Tillandsia stricta Black Beauty – A large form of T. stricta with purplish dark green leaves to 6 – 8″.  Flowers have pink bracts with purple petals.
  • Tillandsia stricta Counsin It – A interesting form of T. stricta where the emerald green leaves turn down and inward.
  • Tillandsia stricta Fay Gray – Gray green leaves and flowers with pink bracts and purple petals.
  • Tillandsia stricta giganticus – Flowers with pink bracts and purple petals.
  • Tillandsia stricta giganticus (Large Specimen)
  • Tillandsia stricta Green Clump (Large) –
  • Tillandsia stricta Iridescent – Leaves are shades of lilac to maroon to 5 – 6″ and flowers with pink bracts and purple petals.
  • Tillandsia stricta Rio Negro – Dark Green leaves to 6″ with purple/black tips.
  • Tillandsia stricta Stiff Gray (Large specimen)
  • Tillandsia tectorum 4-5″- Leaves covered with silvery white trichomes (or hairs) that protect the plants from their harsh native enviornments and reflect heat.  These have a couple needs to succeed: 1- NEVER SUBMERGE (SOAK) T. tectorum IN WATER, or allow them to remain wet for any length of time.  A thorough misting every 1 – 3 weeks depending on the weather is perfect. 2 – These plants need bright light or direct sun.  Inside they would happy right in the window.  and 3 – Do not over fertilize, or at all.  Flowers are pink with violet bracts.
  • Tillandsia tectorum 9-12″ – same as above
  • Tillandsia tenuifolia Bush Giant – 
  • Tillandsia tenuifolia Purple Torch

Tillandsia stricta Stiff Gray

Tillandsia stricta The Broom

Tillandsia stricta Giganticus