New plants arriving this week at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

Aloe africana

New plants arriving today and available now at Peacock Horticultural Nursery:

  • Aloe africana – (6″ pots  & 5 gallon pots) A small tree Aloe to 6 – 8′ and 2 – 4′ wide with orange flower buds that open yellow typically in winter.  Plant in full sun in well draining soil.  Low water needs once established.  Hardy to about 25 F.

Aloe africana

Aloe africana

  • Aloe ferox – (2 gallons pots) – A solitary Aloe to 6 – 8′ and 3 – 5′ wide with orange flower typically in fall/winter. Plant in full sun in well draining soil. Low water needs once established. Hardy to about 20 F, although flowers may be damaged at around 24 F.

Aloe ferox

  • Cereus peruvianus monstrosus  (2 gallon pots) A columnar blue-green cactus growing to about 15’+ with a twisting, irregular undulating pattern on the stem ribs. Occasional white flowers bloom at night.  Hardy to about 20 – 25 F.

Cereus peruvianus monstosus

  • Echinopsis pachanoi  – San Pedro Cactus – (5 gallon pots) – A large, multi-stemmed columnar cactus to 10 to 20′ tall and 6′ wide.  Large white, night blooming flowers in summer.  These cactus prefer regular water during the growing season and best dry in the winter.  Plant in full sun (morning sun), although they may burn if hot sun.  Hardy to about 10 – 15 F.

Echinopsis pachanoi San Pedro Cactus


  • Echinopsis terscheckii – Argentine Saguaro – (3 gallon pots) – A large columnar cactus producing arms with age.  Grows to 30 to 40′ tall.  Very large white flowers that bloom at night and only last until the following afternoon.  Plant in full sun to bright light and hardy to about 15 F.

Echinopsis terscheckii

  • Encephalartos altensteinii x lehmannii – (5 gallon pots) – A cross producing a beautiful cycad with long blue-silver-green leaves.  Plant in full sun and hardy to about 25 F.

Encephalartos altersteinii x lehmannii

  • Euphorbia trigona ‘Royal Red’ – African Milk Tree – (4″ pots) – Be cautious of white sap!  Avoid getting sap on skin or eyes.  A succulent to about 6′ with triangular stems that are flushed purplish-red. Grow in full sun to bright light and protect from frost in winter.  Water only during the growing season.

Euphorbia trigona Ruby Red

  • Leucadendron ‘Spider’ – Spider Pincuchion – (5 gallon pots) – An evergreen shrub to about 6 – 8′ tall and 5 – 10 ‘ wide with salmon and golden-yellow pincushion flowers in late spring to early summer.  Plant in full sun in well draining  soil and hardy to about 25 F.

Leucospermum ‘Spider’

  • Opuntia microdasys var. albispina – Bunny-ear Prickly Pear – (6″ pots) – Succulent forming many small pads with white hair-like glochids covering the pads.  Be very careful not to get these glochid in your skin!  Yellow flowers followed by red fruits.  Hardy to 25 F in winter if sol is kept dry.

Opuntia microdasys var. albispina

  • Sansevieria cylindrica ‘Patula’ – (3 gallon pots) – Great houseplant for bright light.  Water only when dry. Very little water required in winter.  Not hardy.

Sansevieria cylindrica Patula

  • Sedum morganianum Burrito- Burro’s Tail – (6″ pots) – Trailing succulent up to 3″.  Great for hanging pots.  Needs plenty of bright light.  Water only when dry.  Not hardy.

Sedum m. ‘Burrito’

  • Sterlitzia nicolai – White Bird Of Paradise – (2 gallon pots) – Clump forming tropical foliage plant to 20’+ for full sun to part shade.  Nice container plant indoors.  White flowers.  Hardy to about 25 F.

Sterlitzia nicolai

A few new plants arriving today at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

Agave celsii var. albicans ‘UCB’

New plant arrivals today include:

  • Agave celsii var. albicans ‘UCB’ (3 gallon pots) Plant to about 2′ tall and 2- 3′ wide with wide glaucous-blue leaves.  Plant in full sun to part sun and hardy to 20 – 25.
  • Callistemon ‘Little John’ (5 gallon pots) Dwarf Bottlebrush – Shrub to 3 – 5′ tall and 4 -6′ wide red bottlebrush flowers from summer to fall. Hardy to the low 20’s F.
  • Protea laurifolia ‘Rose Mink’ (5 gallon pots) Shrub can grow 8 – 10′ tall and 6 – 8′ wide. Pink flowers with black and white tips occur mainly in winter. Plant in full sun with low water needs once established. Hardy to mid 20’s F.
  • Protea ‘Sylvia’ (5 gallon pots) A hybrid of Protea susannae x P. eximia.  Shrub can grow 6 – 8′ tall and 3 – 5′ wide.  Pink flowers in occur mainly in winter.  Plant in full sun and low water needs once established.  Hardy to mid 20’s F.
  • Senecio candicans Angel Wings – Sea Cabbage (1 gallon pots) A perennial to about 16″ tall and wide with large velvety white leaves.  Plant in cool sun to bright shade and best with regular water.  Hardy to about 20 F.
  • Zanthorrhoea glauca  – Queensland Grasstree (5 gallon pots) – A very slow growing plant with 4- 5′ long grass-like leaves on top of a thick 6 – 8′ tall trunk.  Very hardy to at least 20 F and low water needs once established.

New plant arrivals today at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

Agave salmiana var ferox ‘Variegata’

New plant arrivals today at Peacock Horticultural Nursery:

  • Adenanthos cuneatus ‘Coral Drift’ – Low growing (2′ tall x 3-5′ wide) hardy Australian shrub.  Interesting silver-gray leaves with pink new growth.  Very small red flowers.
  • Agave celsii var albicans ‘UCB’– Clumping (2′ x 2′) hardy Agave with wide blue-gray leaves.
  • Agave ovatifolia ‘Frosty Blue’ – Very hardy large 3-4′ Agave with very wide gray leaves.
  • Agave salmiana var. ferox ‘Variegata’ – Large, hardy Agave (4-6′ tall) with drak green leaves with yellow margins.
  • Agave weberi ‘Reiner’s Selection’ – Large (4-6′), very hardy Agave with wide gray-green leaves with mostly Spineless margins!  Does have terminal spines.
  • Aloe capitata var. quarziticola – A stemless Aloe to about 2-3′ with yellow flowers in winter. Hardy to about 25 F.
  • Aloe ‘Conejo Flame’ (An Aloe dawei hybrid?) – A clustering Aloe to 3-4′ with red-orange flowers in winter.  Hardy to about 25 F.
  • Aloe ‘David’s Delight’ (Another A. dawei hybrid?)  A low branching Aloe to 3-4′ with red flowers mostly in late summer, but can bloom year-round.  Hard to about 25 F.
  • Aloe dawei ‘Yellow’ – Yellow Dawe’s Aloe – A clump forming Aloe to 2-3′ with yellow flowers in winter. Hardy to  about 25 F.
  • Aloe debrana – A stemless, suckering Aloe to 2-3′ with red flowers in late winter to early spring. Hardy to about 25 F.
  • Aloe greenii – A stemeless, suckering Aloe to 1-2′ with pink flowers in late summer.  Hardy to about 25F.
  • Aloe ‘Scarlet Rockets’ – Super Red Sunbird Aloe – An upright short-stemmed Aloe to 4-5 tall and 3-4′ wide with red flowers in winter. Hard to about 25 F?
  • Aloe tomentosa – Green Hairy Aloe – Aoe forms a single rosette to 2′ tall and 4′ wide with “hairy” chartreuse flowers in late summer.  Hardy t about 25 F.
  • Aloe ‘Verity Nice’ – (Aloe zubb x Aloe peckii) A small clustering Aloe to 18″ tall with yellow flowers in summer.  Hardy to about 25 F.
  • Aloe wickensii – A solitary stemless Aloe to 2-3′ with bi-colored red and yellow flowers in winter.  Hardy to about 20 F.
  • Aloe ‘Yellow Torch’ – A large shrub Aloe to 6 – 8′ with yellow flowers in late fall till winter.  Hardy to about 25 F or less.
  • Arctostaphylos densiflora ‘Howard McMinn’ – Manzanita – Native shrub (near Sebastopol, CA.) to 7 – 10 tall and wide with dark red bark and white flowers in late winter to spring.  Drought tolerant and hardy to 0-10 F.
  • Echeveria agavoides ‘Prolifera’ – Large Echeveria to 1′ wide with green leaves with reddish tinge.  Hardy to 15 – 20 F.
  • Echium wildpretii – Tower of Jewels –  A biennial, forming a 2′ rosette the first year.  Second year flowering 5-7′ tall with rose-pink flowers.  Hardy to 20 – 25 F.
  • Leucophyta brownie (Calocephalus) – Looks like silver-white tumbleweed to 1- 3′.  Drought tolerant hardy to 20 – 25 F.  Prefers great drainage.
  • Sansevieria masoniana – Mason’s Congo- Large leaf house plant to 3 -5′. Hardy to about 30 F.
  • Trevesia palmata – Snowflake Aralia  – 15 – 20′ evergreen tree.  Makes a good house plant, or can be grown outside in the shade until winter when it would need proetection from frost.
  • Yucca rostrata ‘Blue Velvet’ – Slow growing Yucca to 12 – 16′ selected for its gray-blue foliage.

Adenanthos cuneatus ‘Coral Drift’

Agave celsii var albicans UCB

Agave weberi ‘Reiner’s Selection’

Aloe capitata var. quarziticola

Aloe ‘Conejo Flame’

Aloe ‘David’s Delight’

Aloe dawei ‘Yellow’

Aloe debrana

Aloe greenii

Aloe greenii

Aloe ‘Scarlet Rockets’

Aloe tomentosa

Aloe ‘Verity Nice’

Aloe ‘Verity Nice’

Aloe wickensii

Aloe ‘Yellow Torch’

Leucophyta brownii

Sansevieria masoniana

Trevesia palmata

Yucca rostrata ‘Blue Velvet’


A few photos from the first week in May 2018 @ Peacock Horticultural Nursery.

A few photos from the first week in May 2018 @ Peacock Horticultural Nursery:

Sarracenia leucophylla ‘Tarnok’

Sarracenia l. Tarnok – Pitcher plants available for sale in the nursery in 4″ and 6″ pots.

Davidia involucrata ‘Iseli Fastigiate’

Iris PCH – Lavender

Iris PCH ‘Wilder Than Ever’

Leucospermum ‘Flame Giant’

Physocarpus o. ‘Center Glow’

Berberis ‘Orange Rocket’, Cedrus atlantica ‘Aurea Robusta’

Callistemon pityoides

Cotinus coggygria ‘Golden Spirit’

Aechmea recurvata

Aechmea covata

Billbergia pyramidalis variegated

Paeonia (Peony) ‘Bartzella’are starting to bloom @Peacock Horticultural Nursery

Paeonia ‘Bartzella’

Peony Bartzella are starting to bloom @Peacock Horticultural Nursery.  Bartzella is a intersectional ( a tree peony crossed with a herbaceous peony).  We have a few available for sale in bloom.  Mother’s Day is coming… or, just a little gift to yourself.

Happy Holidays from Peacock Horticultural Nursery.  We are starting our holiday sale today thru Xmas 2017.  All plants are 25% Off and pottery is 15% Off.

Thank you so much for all supporting our small local business this year.

We are already getting excited about some of the new plants we will be offering next year.  Watch this space!

You can also purchase a gift certificate  for 25% Off.

New Mangaves and a new Manfreda are now available @ Peacock Horticultural Nursery.

Finally have some of the many exciting new Mangaves  and a new Manfreda available @ Peacock Horticultural Nursery.

Mangave ‘Moon Glow’

  • Manfreda undulate ‘Mint Chocolate Chip’ – Like one of my favorite plants – Manfreda ‘Chocolate Chips’, Mint Chocolate Chip has wider wavy leaves, darker spotting and the leaves are even more silver-blue.
  • Mangave ‘Inkblot’ – Another Agave and  Manfreda cross to 6 – 8″ tall and 18 – 22″ wide, with dark spotting on leaves.
  • Mangave ‘Moon Glow’ – Another cross, this one between Mangave ‘Bloodspot’ and Manfreda ‘Chocolate Chips’, to 6″ tall and 2′ wide, with dark spotting.

More spring photos from Peacock Horticultural Nursery

A few photos between rain storms from Peacock Horticultural Nursery.

Arisaema dahaiense

Daphne x burkwoodii ‘Carol Mackie’

Pinellia tripartita ‘Free Tibet’

Pinellia tripartita ‘Free Tibet’

Beschorneria septentrionalis x decosteriana

Mangave x ‘Spotted Borders’

Ulmus X hollandica ‘Wredeii’

Echeveria colorata ‘Mexican Giant’

A few photos from Peacock Horticultural Nursery from a beautiful spring weekend.

Spring is here!

Fatsia ‘Spider Web’

Acer pseudoplantanus ‘Esk Sunset’

Iris PCH – Canyon Snow’

Quercus robur ‘Furst Schwarzenburg’

Quercus robur ‘General Pulaski’

Aechmea recurvata ‘Red Form’

Aesculus turbinata ‘Marble Chip’

Acer p. ‘Baby Ghost’

Acer p. ‘Beni Fushigi’

Acer longipes ‘Gold Coin’

Agave parrasana x colorata

Aralia cordata ‘Sun King’


Calycanthus raulstonii ‘Hartlage Wine’

Athyrium ‘Ghost’

Iris PCH – Idyllwild’

More new plants today @ Peacock Horticultural Nursery

A few more new plants arrived today @ Peacock Horticultural Nursery, including:

  • Grevillea victoriae ‘Murray Valley Queen’
  • Protea cynaroides ‘Mini King’
  • Protea nerifolia ‘Pink Ice’
  • Pyrrosia lingua ‘Ogon Nishiki’  – Variegated Tongue Ferns

Grevillea victoriae ‘Murray Valley Queen’