More new plants arriving Friday at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

Haworthia limifolia

More new plants arriving Friday at Peacock Horticultural Nursery including:

  • Asplenium x ebenoides (4″ pots) Dragontail Fern – (A. platyneuron x A. rhizophyllum) – An evergreen fern to 4 – 12″ with variable fronds with assorted shaped and sized lobes. For part shade and very hardy.

Asplenium ebenoides

  • Athyrium felix-femina ‘Frizelliae’ (4″ pots) Tatting Fern – Deciduous fern to about 12″ tall with very narrow fronds (1″) and ball-like pinnae attached to the midrib like a string of beads.  Plant in part shade to full shade.

Athyrium felix-femina ‘Frizelliae’

  • Banksia ericifolia Compact Form (one gallon pots) Heath Leaved Banksia – Shrub to 4 – 6′ tall and 6 – 8′ wide with 10″ orange-red bottlebrush-like flowers from fall to spring.  Hardy to about 20 – 25 F.

Banksia ericifolia Compact Form

  • Berberis thunbergii ‘Orange Rocket’ (one gallon pots) Japanese Barberry – Great foliage plant for your garden because of it coral to ruby red color in full sun.  Deciduous shrub to 4 – 5′ tall and 2 – 3′ wide. Hardy to -20 F

Berberis ‘Orange Rocket’

  • Cordyline ‘Design-A-line-Burgundy’ (one gallon pots) A clump forming Cordyline to 3 tall and wide with burgundy weeping foliage.  Plant in full sun near the coast to part shade inland.  Hardy to 15 – 20 F.
  • Cyperus papyrus (one gallon pots) Papyrus – A clumping aquatic plant to 10 – 15′ tall.  Plant in up to 12″ of water or in moist soil.  Hardy to 20 – 25 F.
  • Cyperus papyrus ‘Little Tut’ (one gallon pots) Dwarf Papyrus – A dwarf clumping plant to 4 – 6′ tall.

Cyperus papyrus ‘Little Tut’

  • Haworthia herbacea (4″ pots) – Small clustering succulent to about 3″ with margins covered with white spines.  Best in bright shade, but can take part sun.  Soil should be moist in summer and only water when completely dry in winter.  Protect from frost in winter.
  • Haworthia limifolia (4″ pots) – File leafed Haworthia – Small clustering succulent to about 4 – 5″ with raised ridges on leaf that resemble a course file. Best in bright shade, but can take part sun. Soil should be moist in summer and only water when completely dry in winter. Protect from frost in winter.

Haworthia limifolia

  • Leucadendron discolor ‘Pom Pom’ (one gallon pots) – Shrub to 7′ tall and 5′ wide with bright red pollen cones surrounded by white bracts.  Plant in full sun in well draining soil.  Mulch. Hardy to about 20 F.

Leucadendron discolor ‘Pom Pom’

  • Mahonia eurybractea ‘Soft Caress’ (one gallon pots) A 3′ tall and wide evergreen shrub with yellow flowers from fall to spring.  Plant in part shade.  Hardy to 5 F and low water needs once established.
  • Mahonia gracilipes (5 gallon pots) – A shrub to 4 – 5′ tall with a waxy white underleaf and pink orange flowers in late fall followed by fruit.  Plant in part sun to bright shade.  Average to moist water needs.
  • Origanum Kirgami (Quart pots) Ornamental Oregano – A trailing non-culinary oregano with attractive purple flower bracts to 10″ tall and 14′ wide.

Origanum Kirigami

  • Polystichum setiferum Divisilobium Group (4″ pots) – Soft Shield Fern – An evergreen fern to 1- 3′ for part shade to shade and average to moist watering.

Polystichum setiferum Divisilobium Group

  • Pteris cretica Wimsettii (4″ pots) Cretan Brake Fern – Evergreen fern to 1 – 2′.  Hardy to 20 – 25 F.

Pteris cretica ‘Wimsettii’

  • Russellia x ‘St Elmo’s Fire’ (Quart pots) – Coral Fountain or Firecracker Plant to 4 – 6′ tall and 6 – 8′ wide for full to part sun.  Red 1.5″ flowers from spring till fall much loved by hummingbirds. Hardy to 20 – 25 F.

Russelia equisetiformis

New plants arriving this week at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

Echeveria gibbiflora

New plants arriving this week at Peacock Horticultural Nursery:

  • Adiantum x mairisii (one gallons) Maidenhair Fern – Clumping to about 3′ wide and 1′ tall in 5 years in part sun to light shade. Very hardy to < 15 F and deer resistant.

Adiantum x mairisii

  • Banksia integrifolia (five gallons) – Coast Banksia – Tree to 20′ + with yellow flowers in fall/spring.  Hardy to 20 F or possibly a bit lower.  Plant in full sun to partial shade.
  • Begonia karwinskiana (one gallons) Not much reference material to go on for this begonia, if the name is correct?  Olive green bat wing shaped leaved with a chartreuse eye.  Pink flowers.  Protection form cold in winter.

Begonia karwinskiana

  • Ceanothus griseus horizontalis ‘Diamond Heights’ (One gallons) – A trailing Ceanothus with variegated green and yellow foliage and blue flowers.  Grows about 1′ tall and up to 6′ wide.  Plant in part sun near the coast and give even less sun if planting in inland gardens to avoid leaf burn.  Hardy to 20 F.

Ceanothus griseus h. ‘Diamond Heights’

  • Dichondra argentea ‘Silver Falls’ (4″ pots) – Silver Ponysfoot – Groundcover to 6 – 12″ tall and 6′ wide with silver foliage.  Great hanging over the edge of pots.  Hardy to about 20 F.
  • Echeveria albicans (4″ pots) – Whitening Echeveria – This is one of the varieties of E. elegans forming tight rosettes to about 5″ with olive green to white leaves.  Not that hardy and prefers to be dryer in winter.

Echeveria albicans

  • Echeveria ‘Blue Bird’ (4″ pots) – A E. peacockii hybrid with powdery blue leaves with reddened edges. Rosettes to abut 10″.  Hardy to 25 ?

Echeveria ‘Blue Bird’

  • Echeveria gibbiflora (6″ pots) – Forms 1′ wide rosettes on stems to 12 – 18″ high with pinky gray leaves with frilly margins.  Hardy to 25 F.

Echeveria gibbiflora

  • Echeveria parva (4″ pots) – Rosettes with icy blue-green leaves  with pink tips to about 6″.  Hardy to 25 F.

Echeveria parva

  • Eucalyptus pulveruenta ‘Baby Blue’ (4″ pots) – Florist Silver Dollar Tree – Sprawling form up to 25′ tall with blue leaves and white flowers in the fall and spring that the bees seem to love.  Hardy to 15 F.
  • Faucaria feline subsp. tuberculosa (4″ pots) – Pebbled Tiger Jaws – Clump-forming perennial succulent to about 6″.  Leaves are covered  with small projections (tubercles) on the upper surface and white structures along the edge that look like teeth. Large yellow daisy-like flowers.  Hardy to about 25 F.  Keep pretty dry in winter.

Faucaria felina ssp tuberculosa

  • Grevillea ‘Flora Mason’ (five gallons) – Fast growing shrub to about 6′ tall and 5′ wide with apricot-yellow-pink flowers that attract hummingbirds.  Hardy to about 20 F.
  • Grevillea ‘Frosty Pink’ (five gallons) – Low spreading shrub to 3′ tall and 3 – 5′ wide with pink flowers that attract birds.  Hardy to about 20 F.
  • Leucadendron ‘Safari Sunset’ (One and five gallons) – Safari Conebush – Large shrub to 8 – 10′ with red bracts (flowers).  Hardy to about 20 F.

Leucodendron ‘Safari Sunset’

  • Mahonia eurybractea ‘Beijing Beauty’ (one gallons) – Shrub to 4 – 5′ tall and wide for part shade.  Yellow flowers in fall followed by blue-black berries.  Hardy to < 15 F.
  • Philodendron selluom (one gallons) – Tree Philodendron – A large shrub up to 10′ tall with deeply lobed green leaves up to 4′ long.  Plant in part shade inland and hardy to 25 F or less.
  • Salvia apiana (one gallons) – White Sage – Perennial to 4 – 5′ with gray-white leaves and pale pink flowers in summer.  Contains aromatic oils and resins used in incense.