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More new plants today at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

Schefflera pueckleri variegata

New plants that arrived today include:

  • Abrometiella brevifolia (Deuterocohnia brevifolia) – Small bromeliad 1 -2″, slowly forming mats of mounding growth.  Hardy to 20 F, but does not like wet leaves in winter.
  • Adromischus c. Pillow Feet – Succulent prefers Bright light and no frost.  Keep dry in winter.
  • Aechmea recurvata – Bromeliad with dark green leaves  (1 – 2′) and a beautiful red inflorescence.  Hardy to 20 F.  Can be grown outside here in Sebastopol.
  • Alcantarea imperialis (Vriesea imperialis) – Large Bromeliad with leaves 6″ wide and up to 5′ long.  Mature plants bloom with inflorescence 6′ tall.  Hardy only to 30 – 35 F.
  • Aloe ‘Hercules’ – Specimen hybrid tree Aloe growing to 25+ feet with salmon colored flowers.
  • Aloe petricola – Stone Aloe – Growing 1 – 2′ tall and 2 – 3′ wide with yellow and orange flowers in winter.  Hardy to about 25 F.
  •  Aloe speciosa – Tilt-head Aloe – Tall single stem Aloe to 10′ with a large rosette of leaves that are held tilted to one side.  Flowers are green and white in Fall to winter.
  • Arenga englerii – Dwarf Sugar Palm – Suckering Palm tree to 8 – 12′ tall.  Prefers part shade inland. Hardy to 20 – 25 F.
  • Beaucarnea recurvata – Ponytail Palm – Not a true palm – more closely related to Nolina. Provide protection when temperatures are expected to drop into the high 20’s F.  Grows to 10′ + outdoors, usually 4’+ indoors in a pot in very bright light.
  • Cereus peruvianus – Apple Cactus – Grows to 10 -12’+ with night blooming white flowers.  Hardy to 20 -25 F
  • Dyckia ‘Brittle Star’ – Grows about 1 foot tall and wide with orange flowers. Hardy to 20 – 25 F.
  • Dyckia ‘Grand Marnier‘ – Grows less than one foot tall and wide. Grows in cool sun to light shade.  Protect from frost in winter.
  • Euphorbia coerulescens – Columnar cactus growing to 4 – 6′.  Hardy to  about 25 F.  Warning: The milky sap in Euphorbias can be irritating tp people and pets.  Do not touch face or eyes if exposed to the sap.
  • Pachypodium lamerei – Madagascar Palm – to 6′ as indoor plant, larger in frost free areas outside.  Needs protection from frost.
  • Schefflera pueckleri variegate (Tupidanthus calyptratus) – Beautiful leaves splashed with creamy yellow.  Can grow up to 20′ outside, but not very hardy and would need winter protection from frost.
  • Vriesea sanguinolenta – Large Bromeliad to 6′ with deep burgundy leaves.  Protect from freezing and grows in part sun to part shade.
  • Xerosicyos danguyi – Penny Vine to 10′.
Dyckia ‘Grand Marnier’
Euphorbia coerulescens
Aloe ‘Hercules’
Dyckia ‘Brittlestar’
Cereus peruvianus

New plants arriving today at Peacock Horticultural Nursery

New plants arriving today at Peacock Horticultural Nursery:

Dudleya brittonii
  • Aeonium arboretum ‘Luteovariegatum’
  • Aeonium ‘Pseudotabuliforme’ – Green Platters
  • Aloe juvenna – Tiger Tooth Aloe
  • Cleistocactus straussii – Silver Torch Cactus
  • Cyathea cooperi – Australian Tree Fern
  • Dudleya brittonii – Giant Chalk Dudleya
  • Echeveria ‘Violet Queen’ – Violet Queen Hens and Chicks (Echeveria elegans hybrid)
  • Echinocactus grusonii – Golden Barrel Cactus
  • Ferocactus glaucescens – Blue Barrel Cactus
  • Leucadendron ‘Ebony’ – Ebony Conebush
  • Leucadendron discolor ‘Pom Pom’ – Pom-pom Flame Tips
  • Mammillaria veluta subsp. gracilis – Cactus
  • Philadendron ‘Xanadu’ – Winterbourne Philadendron – House Plant
  • Phoenix roebelenii – 15 gallon Pygmy Date Palm
  • Sansevieria ‘Moonshine’ – Silver Snakeplant – House Plant
  • Stapelia sp. – Carrion Flower – Succulent
  • Vriesea philippo-coburgii ‘Rafael’ – Bromeliad
Leucadendron Ebony
Ferocactus glaucescens
Echinocactus grusonii