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New plants arriving today @ Peacock Horticultural Nursery

Leucospermum ‘Tango’

New plants arriving today @ Peacock Horticultural Nursery:

  • Adenanthos sericeus (Coast Wollybush) – Shrub or small tree (6 – 10′ tall) with soft gray needle-like foliage.  Hardy to 20 – 25 F.  Tip damage may occur below 24 F.  For full sun on the coast to part shade inland.
  • Agave ‘Blue Glow’ – Hardy Agave to 1-2′ tall x 2-3′ wide with blue leaves edged in red and yellow.
  • Brahea edulis (Guadalupe Palm) – Hardy fan palm to 20+ feet tall for full sun. Slow growing.
  • Chamaedorea microspadix (Hardy Bamboo Palm) – a suckering palm for shade.  8′ tall or less.  Hardy to about 23 F.
  • Chamaerops humilis cerifera (Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm) – Suckering (multi-trunked) palm .  8-10′ tall, for full sun.  Very hardy to 5 – 10 F.
  • Cordyline ‘Design a line Burgundy’ – Clump forming Cordyline with burgundy weeping foliage to 3′.
  • Dicksonia Antarctica (Tasmanian Tree Fern)  – Hardy tree fern to about 15′ and 6-10 wide.  Hardy and evergreen to the low 20 F, but will resprout  at 19 F.
  • Echeveria agavoides ‘Ebony’ – Succulent with dark “black” edges in full sun.
  • Lampranthus deltoids (syn Oscularia deltoids) – Pink Iceplant – Hardy succulent groundcover for full sun.  Blue-green foliage, dark pink stems and pink flowers.
  • Leucadendron Ebony – 3-4′ tall shrub with dark foliage and burgundy flowers.
  • Leucospermum ‘Tango’ – (L. glabrum x L. lineare) – Drought tolerant shrub with amazing orange-red flowers.  Grows to 6 – 8′ and 4 – 6′ wide.
  • Nolina nelson (Blue Nolina) – Both a very drought tolerant and very hardy shrub to 4 – 8′ tall.
  • Trachycarpus takil – Takil Palm – Fan palm up to 40′, but very slowly.  Very hardy to 15 F, for full sun to part sun.
  • Yucca ‘Bright Star’ – Finally have some 4″ of this variegated  yellow and green Yucca.  1-2′ tall for full sun.

New Plants at Peacock Horticultural Nursery January 2015

Agathis robusta
Agathis robusta

A few new plants at Peacock Horticultural Nursery, including a couple of Australian conifers and several HARDY Agaves.

  • Acacia vestita
  • Agathis robusta
  • Agave americana var medio-picta ‘Dwarf Alba’
  • Agave ‘Blue Glow’
  • Agave parrasana x colorata
  • Agave ‘Risner Bill’
  • Echeveria ‘Latte Rose’
  • Eucalyptus ‘Moon Lagoon’
  • Urginea maritima
  • Veltheimia bracteata ‘Yellow Comet’
  • Wollemia nobilis
  • Yucca rostrata ‘Blue Velvet’
Acacia vestita
Acacia vestita


Agave americana var medio-picta 'Dwarf Alba'
Agave americana var medio-picta ‘Dwarf Alba’
Agave parrasana x colorata
Agave parrasana x colorata
Agave 'Risner Bill'
Agave ‘Risner Bill’
Eucalyptus 'Moon Lagoon'
Eucalyptus ‘Moon Lagoon’
Yucca rostrata 'Blue Velvet'
Yucca rostrata ‘Blue Velvet’

New Arrivals to the Nursery – September

Here are some of the new plant arrivals at Peacock Horticultural Nursery this month.

  • Agave ‘Blue Glow’ – Beautiful small Agave with blue-green leaves with a red margin.  Now available in quart pots!
  • Albuca juncifolia(Rush-leaved Albuca) –  South African bulb with round leaves like a rush and greenish-yellow flowers in late spring.
  • Cordyline ‘Renegade’ (Renegade Cordyline) -This is a beautiful new clumping Cordyline with very wide black-purple foliage to 2 – 3′, and fragrant flowers in summer.  Now available in 2 gallons.
  • Furcraea foetida ‘Mediopicta Sport’ (Variegated Furcraea) – This is a sport of Furcraea ‘Mediopicta’ and has wide green leaves to 4 – 5′ with a narrow yellow band in the center of each leaf.  Hardy to USDA zone 9b (25 F).  These monocarpic plants produce an inflorescence that can reach 25′ with many greenish-white flowers.   Many plantlets will form on the inflorescence as the basal plant dies.
  • Remusatia vivipara
  • Yucca ‘Bright Star’(Bright Star Yucca) – This is a beautiful new slow growing Variegated Yucca.  The wide leaves have deep yellow margins.  The ultimate size of this Yucca has not been determined yet.
  • Urginia maritima syn: Drimia maritima (Sea Squill) –  A large summer dormant bulb with blue-green leaves emerging in the fall after blooming.  In summer, 3 – 4′ stalks rise with many white flowers with yellow centers.  Hardy to 20 – 25 F, but best when protected from frost.  Gophers do not eat this bulb!  Huge 30 year old blooming bulbs available in 3 gallon pots, as well as, younger one gallon or 4″ pots available.
  • Zephyranthes ‘Labuffarosea’ (Labuffarosea Rain Lily) – Bulb native to Mexico that has pink flowers from late summer through fall.



Cordyline 'Rengade'
Cordyline 'Rengade'
Cordyline 'Renegade'
Cordyline 'Renegade'
Yucca 'Bright Star'
Yucca 'Bright Star'
Urginea maritima
Urginea maritima
Urginea maritima
Urginea maritima
Zephyranthes 'Labuffarosea'
Zephyranthes 'Labuffarosea'

Agave ‘Blue Glow’

Agave 'Blue Glow'

Of all the Agaves available at Peacock Horticultural Nursery, I think Agave ‘Blue Glow’ has to be one of my favorites.  Developed by Kelly Griffin, this is supposedly a cross between Agave ocahui and Agave attenata.  The beautiful blue-green leaves are outlined in red and translucent yellow with a red terminal spine. 

This Agave rarely pups and will ultimately reach it’s maximum size at about 2′ x 2′.  Not totally sure of the hardiness yet.  I overwintered mine in a unheated hoop house and we were down to about 25 F here this last winter.   Really looks beautiful in a pot with the sun shining through the translucent yeallow margins.

Agave 'Blue Glow'

Agave ‘Blue Glow’

Other Agaves available at Peacock Horticultural Nursery include: Agave americana medio-picta, medio-picta Alba and striata, Agave attenuata ‘Kara’s Stripe’, Agave bracteosa ‘Calamar’, Agave ‘Burnt Burgundy’, Agave celsii ‘Multicolor’, Agave ‘Cornelius’, Agave funkiana ‘Blue Haze’, Agave geminiflora ‘Spaghetti Strap’, Agave gentryi ‘Jaws’, Agave guiengola ‘Cream Burlee, Agave ‘Kissho Kan’, Agave montana ‘Baccarat’, Agave ‘Mr. Ripples’, Agave ovatifolia, Agave parryi ”Cream Spike’,  Agave parryi huachucensis J.C. Raulston, Agave peacocki, Agave schidigera ‘Black Widow’, Agave schidigera ‘Shira ito no Ohi’, Agave ‘Sharkskin’, Agave stricta nana, Agave ‘Tradewinds’, Agave victoriae-reginae ‘Porcupine and Variegated, Agave virginica ‘Spot’, Agave weberi ‘Arizona Star’, Agave weberi ‘Reiner’s Selection’ and Agave zebra to name just a few.