Calanthe Takane Hybrids – Hardy Orchids


Calanthe Takane Hybrids

Calanthe Takane Hybrids

Another great plant available at Peacock Horticultural Nursery for your woodland shade garden is a Hardy orchid – Calanthe Takane hybrid.  These plants are a cross between Calanthe discolor and C. sieboldii.  The cross has resulted in many different flower colors from yellow, gold, orange, brown, red, white and cream and every combination of these colors you can think of.   Hopefully it will be easier for you decide which is your favorite as I wanted them all.

Calanthe orchids also have attractive pleated green leaves,  flowers that are often fragrant and are hardy to USDA zone 7.   These ground orchids grow very well in pots also where you can enjoy their blooms up close.  Even in times of inadequate rainfall, I will try to find a small space in my gardens for a few of my favorite woodland plants.  This Calanthe Takane Hybrid would be one of favorites.

Calanthe Takane hybrid
Here are just a few of the beautiful flower color combinations available.dsc_007812462
Other Calanthe orchids available at Peacock Horticultural Nursery include Calanthe sieboldii, which has striking pure yellow flowers, and Calanthe discolor which has mahogany and white flowers.
 Please check back to this blog periodically for new varieties of Calanthe available for sale.

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