A tribute to Hortus

Marty and I are sad to report that our little guy Hortus III left the Nursery this morning for his next life.
He was our mascot and ‘face’ of the Nursery since its opening, having been featured in the first local news article written about the Nursery in 2006 (the writer loved the cat more than the plants, alas). Customers would always make an effort to see him and ask about him, even in more recent days when he couldn’t find the energy to greet them.


He was a tough little guy, and had many hard turns healthwise, but always cheered us with his antics (romping along the tops of containers with new little plants was his way of getting attention – annoyed the hell out of us sometimes, but it was his way of letting us know he was there.


His very favorite spot was the searing heat of the roof of the truck, surveying his realm like the cats of the Serengeti.

The porch in the late afternoon sun was also a favorite spot to bake, and he always made us step over him to get in the house.

And ever the marketer, he would ‘stand and pose’ with his brother Negrito in spots where the customers would lavish them with attention.
Hortus and Bro

We will surely miss him, and know all of our friends and customers will miss his flights through the Nursery at high speed, and lounging among the plants.

Give your pets some extra sugar today in memory of Hortus-

Robert and Marty

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