Peacock Horticultural Nursery is a small, personalized specialty retail nursery in Sebastopol, California which features unusual, hard-to-find, and interesting plants for both serious collectors and garden dabblers alike. The owners, Robert Peacock and Marty Waldron, have created an intimate West County setting for diverse plant collections well-suited to Northern California climates, including aroids (Several varieties of Arisaema available), bamboos (mostly clumping varieties), conifers (Wollemia, Agathis and many more), succulents  (Agaves to Xanthorrhoea), maples (Acer pentaphyllum, Acer ‘Esk Sunset’, and more), restios, a large selection of perennials for shady gardens (Anemonella to Uvalaria) – and many more. Robert also features plants with unusual foliage – variegated, dark and chartreuse colored, contorted and any other interesting variants.


Photo policy : NO PHOTOS are allowed in the nursery without express permission of the owners of Peacock Horticultural Nursery.


Gift certificates available for the plant collector on your gift list.


We do not ship any plants at this time.